Master Your Mind by Roger Seip and Robb Zbierski

The Blurb On The Back:

Fed up with trying to get ahead in business by working longer hours and continually racing your brain at a hundred miles an hour?  Unfortunately, success in business is spelled M-O-R-E: better results, faster growth, more revenue, greater efficiency.  Do more.  Make more.  Achieve more.  And do it now.  Master Your Mind offers an antidote to the endless (and pointless) cycle of “doing more” in order to succeed.  Throughout the book, Roger Seip and Robb Zbierski – Seip is the author of the bestselling book Train Your Brain For Success – explain how the counterintuitive approach of slowing down can help optimise your performance and get you the positive results you’ve been searching for.

Master Your Mind reveals the tactics and methods that lead to increased energy, revenue, and good health in a self-sustaining way.  The approaches presented are not pie-in-the-sky but have proven to be effective with the authors’ thousands of clients.  The book shows how to stop thinking your success relies on quantity, and start on the road to improving the quality of your effort.  The book clearly demonstrates what it takes to up-your-game by combining the right amount of effort (after all, it takes work) with a high degree of presence, focus, intentionality, and being in the “Zone”.  Filled with illustrative examples, Master Your Mind shows why slowing down your brain gives you a much better understanding of what is really going on in your head that will get your desired results.  The book also explores the obstacles that are holding you back.

Drawing on discoveries in neuroscience (the authors don’t claim to be scientists), Master Your Mind offers a basic understanding of the root causes and benefits of slowing down and includes techniques for applying the scientific lessons.  The approaches and tactics outlined in Master Your Mind work because they align with what’s most deeply important to you and they are done in a way that actually works for your brain.

Once you apply the book’s lessons and put the winning strategies into practice, you will be amazed that success will come your way with little or no extra effort.  

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The Review (Cut For Spoilers):

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