Kill The Black One First by Michael Fuller

The Blurb On The Back:

Suddenly, a single cry rose from inside the crowd.

“Kill the black one first.”

There was a roar.  Guttural, like laughter, like fury, the fury of the mob.

A story about race, identity, belonging and displacement, Kill The Black One First is the memoir from Michael Fuller – Britain’s first ever black Chief Constable, whose life and career is not only a stark representation of race relations in the UK, but also a unique morality tale of how humanity deals with life’s injustices.

Michael Fuller was born to Windrush-generation Jamaican immigrants in 1959, and experienced a meteoric career in policing, from the beat to the Brixton inferno, through cutting-edge detective work, to the frontline of drug-related crime and violence on London’s most volatile estates.  He took a pivotal role in the formation of Operation Trident, which tackled gun crime and gang warfare in the Afro-Caribbean community, and was later appointed as Chief Constable of Kent Police.

Kill The Black One First is an unflinching account of a life in policing during a tumultuous period of race relations throughout the UK, and a tale of how the human spirit can endure cultural barriers, prejudice and race hate.

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The Review (Cut For Spoilers):

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