Life 3.0: Being Human In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence by Max Tegmark

The Blurb On The Back:

We stand at the beginning of a new era.  What was once science fiction is fast becoming reality, as AI transforms war, crime, justice, jobs and society – and even, our very sense of what it means to be human.  More than any other technology, AI has the potential to revolutionise our collective future.

How can we grow our prosperity through automation, without leaving people lacking income or purpose?  How can we ensure that future AI systems do what we want without crashing, malfunctioning or getting hacked?  Will AI help life flourish as never before, or will machines eventually outsmart us at all tasks, and even, perhaps, replace us altogether?

Life 3.0 gives us the tools to join what may be the most important conversation of our time, guiding us through the most controversial issues around AI today – from super intelligence to meaning, consciousness and the ultimate physical limits of life in the cosmos.

What sort of future do you want?

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The Review (Cut For Spoilers):

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