The Art Of Communication by Judy Apps

The Blurb On The Back:

Become an amazing conversationalist.

Are your conversations so controlled they lack the ability to connect with other people?  Do you find yourself holding back for fear of revealing too much or saying the wrong thing?  What can you do to make your conversations more real?

Tap into your intuition and speak from the heart.

Drawing on the expertise of bestselling author and communication expert, Judy Apps, The Art of Communication shows how to develop the ability to become a nuanced conversationalist – one who connects with others and is more fearless, more genuine, more engaging and more creative.  The author reveals how to communication in a meaningful way and:

– Build closer relationships and create intimacy

– Overcome the artificiality and awkwardness of your interactions

– Converse successfully with people of different backgrounds

– Get more rewarding results from your conversations

– Operate from your intuition rather than with self-consciousness and control

The Art of Communication builds your confidence so you can converse from a place where being counts more than conventional skills, and an open heart brings connection and rewards you could only dream of before. 

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The Review (Cut For Spoilers):

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