What You Don’t Know by Joann Chaney

The Blurb On The Back:

A crime like this has a wide reach … That’s how things are – a drop in still water that starts a ripple … It’ll never be over … 

Seven years ago, thirty-one bodies were discovered in a crawl-space belonging to Jacky Seever, beloved local businessman and pillar of the community.

Detective Paul Hoskins was lauded for bringing down one of the most ruthless serial-killers of the decade.

Sammie Peterson, the lead reporter on the case, finally obtained the success she craved.

And Seever’s wife, Gloria?  Well, she claimed to be as surprised as everyone else.

But when you get that close to a killer, can you really just move on?

Today, all three of their lives are in ruins – Hoskins banished to cold cases, Sammie working at the mall and Gloria marked out as the wife of a monster.

So when a series of copy-cat killings provided an opportunity to get their lives back, they have little choice but to take it.  Whatever the cost to their humanity …  

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The Review (Cut For Spoilers):

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