The M&A Formula by Peter Zink Secher and Ian Horley

The Blurb On The Back:

The turnkey M&A system for growing your business.

The M&A Formula culls the wisdom and experience of the most recognised M&A leaders in the boardroom and lecture hall to give everyone a clear path to repeatable M&A wins.  This pioneering, three-step formula to M&A success is already disrupting conventional practices; lighting the way for innovative, data-backed tactics for locking in advantageous deals, and avoiding costly litigation and outright failures.  Illuminating case studies and hard-won advice from high-profile authorities clearly demonstrate how global corporates and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can fully benefit from this proven approach.

Everything you need to confidently call the shots in your next M&A deal is inside, including:

– The secret to pinning down how a business should benefit from an M&A deal by specifically identifying the business model drivers.

– Concrete strategies for nurturing the right corporate culture of strong leadership and communication so teams can thrive through M&A deals.

– All the tools and insight to take control of the entire transaction without having to blindly rely on external M&A advisors, while still leveraging their expertise.

Erase “failure” and “uncertainty” from your M&A vocabulary with The M&A Formula.

M&A is by far the fastest and most effective way to bring in the new talent, resources and products your organisation needs to gain a competitive advantage.  However, prevalent data shows that typical M&A only succeeds 20-40% of the time.  The future of your company shouldn’t come down to a coin flip.  With The M&A Formula, you can take control of this complex process and blow away the odds.

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The Review (Cut For Spoilers):

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