My Perfect Cabin by Emmanuelle Mardesson & Sarah Loulendo

The Blurb On The Back:

Lucile is on a search for her perfect cabin so she sets off on an exciting trip around the world, looking for ideas.  Travelling from the forests of Sweden to the comfort of snowy Siberia and the enchanting caves in Turkey, will Lucile find her dream home?

A stunning book that shows how people live around the world, while presenting the beauty of our planet.

MY PERFECT CABIN was released in the United Kingdom on 7th April 2022.  Thanks to the Amazon Vine Programme for the review copy of this book.

You can order MY PERFECT CABIN: A ROUND-THE-WORLD ADVENTURE TO FIND THE PERFECT HOME by Emmanuelle Mardesson and Sarah Loulendo from Amazon UK, Waterstone’s or UK.  I earn commission on any purchases made through these links.

The Review (Cut For Spoilers):

Lucile wants to find her perfect cabin but she’s not sure what it should look like or what it should be made from.  Fortunately, she’s got friends all around the world who she can visit in order to get ideas for what she should do …

Emmanuelle Mardesson’s picture book (translated from French) is a thoughtful and informative look at the types of places where people around the world live.  Sarah Loulendo’s illustrations are excellent – rich in detail and expression and really conveying the landscape in which each type of cabin is set.  It’s a beautifully put together book that will make young readers think about the world around us and how people live.

Mardesson sends Lucile all around the world in this book, so she sees a log cabin in Sweden, a tree house in Costa Rica, a stone hut in France, an igloo in Canada, a wooden hut on stilts in Italy, a Mongolian yurt, a Siberian wooden hut, an Algerian reed hut, a Turkish cave dwelling, an American mobile hut and a Hawaiian raised cabin.  Each section has some details about the climate or how people live in that type of accommodation and although the paragraphs are quite dense, Mardesson writes in an evocative style that means you’re not just getting some facts, she brings them to life on the page.

Loulendo’s illustrations work beautifully with the text, picking up on points that Mardesson specifically mentions but also adding in little details that young readers will be able to point to while reading with their caregivers, e.g. small animals and plants.  The illustrations also feature a bold palate of colours, which make each page seem fresh and exciting to look at.

All in all, this is put together really well and will definitely hold the attention of younger readers while also giving plenty of things for caregivers to point to if they are helping younger readers to read it.   

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